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Wordvice is among many editing establishments that assist its clients in increasing the superiority of their works. The company describes itself as a worldwide frontrunner in the editing of admissions and academic pieces.

Wordvice Proofreading & Editing Review 2022

Your work is never complete until you proofread and correct the mistakes committed. Many writers are always in haste to deliver their work and forget this important process. Reviewing your work assists you in increasing its quality and making it more appealing. We understand that many essayists lack sufficient time to proofread their content.

However, this is not an excuse because you can hire professional services to complete your editing task because establishments are accessible to offer the support you need. Unfortunately, this could also be a problem because there are multiple firms, and it is hard to know a legit one. Here, we give detailed reviews about different establishments to assist you in selecting an ideal one. This comprehensive piece focuses on Wordvice review on different aspects to help you know if you can consider it.

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Individuals are afraid to deliver their orders to online companies because of lack of information on the quality of their services. The reviews we offer will help you understand a company in depth.

Overview & Contacts

Wordvice is among many editing establishments that assist its clients in increasing the superiority of their works. The company describes itself as a worldwide frontrunner in the editing of admissions and academic pieces. The establishment has been in operation since 2013 with a superb record of reviewing above 199 million words. Here is a simple summary:

  • Above 209,000 edited tasks;
  • Research centers and medical institutions benefit from it;
  • Meets the needs of more than 570 Universities;
  • Supports multiple SCI periodicals.

The superiority of its reviewing services is clear from the high number of completed orders. Besides, 82% of its clientele have requested their services more than thrice. Moreover, a third of their new clients come through referrals. This implies that the company is focused on delivering exceptional services. You can reach the service through phone call at 1-888-627-6631 or email at [email protected] The establishment is dedicated to improving educational journals and the scientific world.

The establishment aims at assisting essayists in different domains to check and correct their tasks comprehensively. Wordvice achieves this by assisting learners in reviewing their essays, academic authors to organize their documents for publication, and professionals to mend their business documents. Wordvice focuses on:

  • Clarity
  • Style
  • Lucidity
  • Sentence organization

These aspects ensure your information is presented in the best way possible. Apart from concentrating on the superiority of their services, the establishment’s order placement and client support are available 24/7. The company promises timely delivery and comprehensive review. The services are also reasonable and handy. Wordvice works in 6 countries and has a provision arrangement with societies, medical hubs, laboratories, and academics. The agreements make it one of the ideal establishments you can rely on to review your tasks. Note that the company does not write articles. Its sole mandate is to check and correct the documents you provide. It promises to lower the amount when you order their services, but it is unclear how a user can obtain a Wordvice coupon code.

Promo & Coupon Code

The information about promo codes and coupons is concealed. However, you can get multiple provisions from another website called coupon birds. Unfortunately, we cannot promise the validity of the provided offers because it is not from their official website. The only information provided is that customers get discounts on services. The best you can do is connect with the support team to understand Wordvice free coupon and how they work. Nonetheless, do not anticipate a considerable markdown.

Proofreading & Editing

This is the primary function of Wordvice. The company prides itself on enough native copyreaders to check your work. Their services assist in enhancing your writing abilities. Wordvice has excellent pricing as compared to other editing services. People consider different companies for various reasons. Here are guarantees that assist you in understanding this company clearly:

  • 100% language accuracy
  • 24/7 availability
  • Quick conveyance- as fast as nine hours
  • Superior documents ready for publication
  • Skilled copyreaders
  • Subject specialists

Wordvice services are divided into three with different price plans. They include:

  • Academic
  • Business corporation
  • Admissions

Academic Editing

The company assists learners in improving the excellence of their drafting by considering vocabulary, style, flow, tone, consistency, and lucidity. The aim is to facilitate excellent and clear communication minus syntax and punctuation inaccuracies. They also give responses as marginal remarks to assist you in comprehending the evaluation and sharpen your drafting abilities. They also include a style formatting guide to achieve your citation and referencing needs. This implies that students from all domains and academic levels are covered.

Business Corporation

These services are elected to assist corporate entities and businesses in developing impactful documents. Few companies focus on this domain, and this is an added advantage for Wordvice. Effective documents communicate clearly and help to seal new deals.

Admission Essay Editing

Wordvice helps you to complete your application needs by reviewing your CV, admission essays, and cover letters to meet your application needs. It helps to make your story more compelling. Reviews from different clients imply that this establishment is up to the task. Many trust it for recommendation letters, scholarships, graduate, undergraduate and professional school essay editing.

The company editing rates are affordable, unlike other establishments. The plan is divided into three packages for academic editing charging per word without Wordvice promo provision.

  • Standard at $0.044
  • Two-Person at $0.075
  • Premium at $0. 102

Admission for college and graduate has different pricing with two categories. The standard package is $0.058 per word, while the premium is $0.22 per word without a Wordvice coupon.

Editors & Team

Like most establishments, Wordvice claims to have the best team of competent copyreaders. The establishment is home to over 500 specialized copyreaders with advanced degrees and PhDs. The extensive period in the field makes it one of the companies with gurus and subject doyens in approximately 2,000 academic domains. Trustpilot hosts positive reviews indicating the service is legit. They have an excellent order management system that matches clients to ideal editors following the domain and the pieces you provide.

How Wordvice Works

It has a straightforward process like other services to ensure you spend less time delivering your order. The establishment selects copyreaders based on the nature of your piece. The copyreaders begin working on your files immediately after they receive them. You also have to give instructions on how you want your piece revised. The steps are simple:

  • Choose the article type to get a price quote for the words provided
  • Upload your piece
  • Download your revised piece

The data you provide comprises the subject and the drive of your text. This helps the establishment find a suitable editor for your order. Your file will be acted upon once you pay for it.

Payment Methods

Many individuals do not consider payment options when looking for a suitable review service. This is crucial. A trustworthy company cooperates with other reputable payment options to give the user a choice to find a favorable option. From Wordvice reviews, this company supports multiple payment options such as PayPal, Visa, Iogo, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and Discover. They use safe payment options like many other reputable establishments.

Prices & Extra Fees

After considering different Wordvice proofreading reviews, we came up with this price chart that sums up the services provided. Individuals who need educational editing assistance pay differently based on the package. There are three suites, as highlighted below. The price is charged per word.

  • Standard at $0.044
  • Two-Person at $0.075
  • Premium at $0. 102

Another section covers the admission domain. It is divided into two categories; the standard charges $ 0.058 per word while the premium is $ 0.22 per word. The idea of extra fees is silent. It is not mentioned anywhere, so it is not clear whether it is there or not. Deeper reviews for Wordvice show that the company offers a 15% discount for pieces with 30,000 words or more.

Customer Support

They have an efficient customer support team available 24/7, unlike many editing companies. This implies that the service is dedicated to serving the needs of its customers.

Jobs & Working

Wordvice offers opportunities for experts to work as freelance editors. It offers positions in various domains that suit your interest, such as thesis, admission essays, research, or dissertations. They provide a chance to grow as they work to achieve their ESL client needs. Wordvice review indeed displays that many people prefer working with the service because of:

  • Liberty and flexibility
  • Skill-building
  • Continuous work inflow
  • On job training

They have particular requirements for the kind of applicants they need. They prefer dynamic individuals with editing know-how. They should also be ardent about the task with honed drafting aptitudes. Get more information about careers from wordvice.com/career/editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Wordvice

It is an online editing establishment that assists its clients in increasing the superiority of their texts. It is a worldwide frontrunner in language reviewing and correcting admissions, academic pieces, and corporate papers.

  1. Is that which Wordvice offers original?

You do not have to worry about its offerings because it centers on editing. It does not plagiarize content since it does now write the content.

  1. How to cite Wordvice

When referring to this company, you write it as the name goes, Wordvice (as one word)

  1. Where is Wordvice located

The company is located in different places with the U.S office at

1819 21st St., Des Moines, Iowa

Email [email protected]

It is also located in other countries like the U.K, South Korea, China, and Japan

  1. What is the Wordvice website?

The website is: https://wordvice.com/

  1. How to register on Wordvice

You will be required to provide these details to create an account.

  • ID
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Mobile number
  • Country
  • Institution/ Company (optional)
  • Department (optional)
  • Position (optional)
  • How you heard about the company
  • Referrer ID(optional)
  • Promo code(optional)
  • Agree to the terms of service and confirm reCAPTCHA

It is hard to review Wordvice because a few different companies provide conflicting information. This makes many users confused and end up selecting an inefficient company. However, we have word hard to gather information from the website and appraisals from clients to compose this comprehensive piece. The data we have provided allows you to know where to start when considering reviews of Wordvice. In addition, we have provided what you must know to decide what kind of service to consider when you need editing help. You may not find the Wordvice promo code, but our verdict is you can rely on the company to edit your texts.

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