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After composing your text, you need to review it and remove the errors to make it clear for easy understanding. A few can do that, which is why the Cambridge Proofreading review service is available to offer the support you need. Many establishments are available, but some cannot deliver to your standard. The purpose of this article is to assist you to comprehend in-depth about Cambridge Company.

Cambridge Proofreading & Editing Review 2023

Delivering a perfect piece for professional consumption is not easy. Many students do not understand the purpose of editing their work, and that is why they need support from professional services. Reviewing your work is an active process like writing, and those who fail to comprehend this deliver shoddy pieces.

After composing your text, you need to review it and remove the errors to make it clear for easy understanding. A few can do that, which is why the Cambridge Proofreading review service is available to offer the support you need. Many establishments are available, but some cannot deliver to your standard. The purpose of this article is to assist you to comprehend in-depth about Cambridge Company.

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You will have the answers about this establishment if you read this article to the end. We have divided it into sections to assist you in understanding the service comprehensively. Few companies provide valid information about what they deliver. The majority publicize their services with luring words. You can fall prey to such establishments unless you get a different perspective from genuine reviewers. The sections in this piece are well-researched to give valid data about the Cambridge establishment. The information ensures that you make an informed decision.

Overview & Contacts

Like many other establishments, Cambridge offers editing services to customers across the sphere. The purpose of this piece is to establish if you can rely on it for its services. Cambridge Company describes itself as one of the leading establishments with an eye for grammar and language. It assists its clients in correcting awkward paraphrasing and typos, among other issues in articles, papers, and books.

The company’s headquarters are in Chicago, home to seasoned copyreaders across the globe proofreading U.K and U.S, Australian and Canadian English. It was established more than a decade ago in Cambridge, England. From Cambridge Proofreading reviews, the services have successfully revised over one hundred and fifty thousand documents to satisfy more than fifty-four thousand clients globally.

The company prides itself in having more than three hundred specialists covering a full spectrum of academic subjects. They also have editing gurus in the private sector. Cambridge establishment also edits business documents. It aims to offer eminent services to:

  • Researchers
  • Corporates
  • Learners
  • Authors
  • Private persons

The establishment also offers distant editing jobs in subjects like:

  • Business
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Economics
  • Life
  • Physical
  • Social

Anyone can contact them for support to edit resumes, theses, research proposals, and admission pieces. This implies that the company provides different services that suit multiple clients. Apart from these services, we will also assist you in understanding more about the Cambridge proofreading coupon code.

The global headquarters is located at 343 W Wolf Point Plaza Chicago, IL 60654. You can also reach them through telephone numbers, the U.S 🙁 +1)3127245771and U.K (+44)03308220012. The email is [email protected]. To get a response from their website, you will have to provide your name, email address, and telephone number, then give the message. Lastly, confirm reCAPTCHA and submit.

Promo & Coupon Code

The service has provided that Cambridge personalized is the ideal choice for clients. The aim is to offer the best deals for customers at a reduced price. Cambridge Proofreading proofreading reviews indicate that the establishment garners positive reviews online because of the superiority of its offerings. It recognizes that saving cash is a big concern where many companies lure them with enticing words. Therefore, they offer discount programs and Flash Sale for clients. You can get:

  • Special deals
  • Promo codes
  • Discounts

Users have to apply for the Cambridge Proofreading promo code by following simple steps.

  • Get Cambridge personalized discount code on the page and click show code. Tap copy to have it on your clipboard.
  • Go to the Cambridge personalized website and select the items in your shopping cart.
  • When checking out, apply the code on the box labeled promo code or discount code.

This is how you get a discount, but sometimes it will fail because the company rarely offers promo codes. Sometimes they can also be expired.

Proofreading & Editing

The company does not compose articles. Its sole mandate is to proofread your documents. Cambridge Company describes itself as a leading provider of editing services for clients across the globe. Initially, it was founded in Cambridge, England, but now it has a global network of multiple copyreaders. Review Cambridge Proofreading points out that the company is globally recognized as an English-editing brand because it offers comprehensive editing services. The establishment supports a flexible workplace and hires freelancers with a malleable schedule. The associates have the independence of working from any location globally. It also guarantees 100% remote jobs. It believes in seasoned editing professionals. This distinguishes them from other establishments. It offers services in different domains, including:

  • Business
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Economics
  • Life
  • Physical
  • Social

The editing support is not categorized for specific persons. Those in academics, businesses, private individuals, learners, and authors get their work edited here. Unlike other services, Cambridge has concealed its pricing plan. You get a price quote after you have provided the required information. Some copyreaders will charge $24.90 per 1000 words for 24 hours. Others will charge $22.90 for 48hrs or $45.80 for the same duration. It is challenging here because you are not sure of the amount to pay. However, it guarantees confidentiality, subject experts, and excellent work and recommends selecting two copyreaders when you need your order edited quickly. The company adheres to the guidelines governing website use and requires you to consider the same.

Many individuals prefer Cambridge for their paper review needs because it offers 24/7 customer service. This could be your service if you need a service that guarantees quality support and is readily available.

Editors & Team

Unlike other companies that use natives, Cambridge editors are from different backgrounds with a wide array of specialties. They both love language editing and attain inordinate gratification from submitting superior work and assisting the users in realizing their objectives. The company claims that many of its copyreaders hold advanced degrees, which shows they are up to the task. The copyreaders deliver quality work because they choose fitting projects to work on and create their schedules.

Data From Review Services

Reviews of Cambridge Proofreading offer deeper data about the company. Here, we will look at data from other companies to assist you in establishing a solid understanding of the Cambridge Company. On Trustpilot, the establishment has a 4.9-star rating from over 1,915 user assessments. The data shows that a whopping 94% have given the service an excellent rating. It is a clear indication that many users are satisfied with the company’s services. Unfortunately, the establishment is not BBB accredited.

Even with a good rating on Trustpilot, there are no reviews about the company on Reddit. You can, however, get more reviews from other sites like On Glassdoor, the company is like any other with negative and positive criticisms. The information provided here is vital in assisting you in evaluating the credibility of the service. The overall star rating on Glassdoor is 4.5. Also, Cambridge Proofreading reviews indeed have a few positive and negative criticisms.

Payment Methods

Payment options are the last considerations when individuals look for editing services. However, you must be particular about the provided options. They help you know if the establishment is legit. Cambridge cooperates with reliable establishments to guarantee its legitimacy. Reviews for Cambridge Proofreading show it supports multiple payment options such as PayPal, Visa, Iogo, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and Discover.

Prices & Extra Fees

This service does not have a price plan. Unlike other editing companies that have categorized their services, Cambridge requires you to fill the required fields like word count to get a price quote. Different copyreaders have their prices; for instance, some will charge $24.90 per 1000 words for 24 hours. Others will charge $22.90 for 48hrs or $45.80 for the same duration. From the mixed-up, it is hard to tell if the establishment has extra fees because it is not provided in other reviews. The price can reduce significantly with Cambridge proofreading free coupon, which is not a guarantee.

Customer Support

They have an efficient customer support team available 24/7, unlike many editing companies. This implies that the service is dedicated to serving the needs of its customers. This is a plus for all clients across the globe.

Jobs $ Working

Cambridge offers jobs for freelancers and copyreaders across the sphere. They have minimum requirements that include a bachelor’s degree. Other requirements include:

  • Previous editing familiarity
  • Excellent comprehension of English
  • Meet the deadlines

You can get more data about works from the website on the career option.

What is Cambridge Proofreading?
Is it genuine that which Cambridge Proofreading offer?
How to cite Cambridge ProofEreading?
Where is Cambridge Proofreading located?
What is the Cambridge Proofreading website?
How to register on Cambridge Proofreading

Our Verdict

The essence of this piece is to assist you in understanding a service comprehensively to determine if you can consider its benefits. It is challenging to know the amount to pay for your order, but the company on 100% legit. It is a good editing platform to work for and hire its services. The only problem about the company is it provides more information for those willing to work for it than what it offers to its clients.

However, you can rely on its services because of the data gathered from other review services. It shows that the company delivers superior editing services. Do not expect a Cambridge proofreading coupon for assistance when you come to this service because it is not a guarantee. However, you can trust it because of the superiority of its services, availability, and affordability. Do not let the uncertainty of the Cambridge proofreading promo deter you from acquiring eminent services!

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What is Cambridge Proofreading?
Cambridge Company is one of the leading establishments with an eye for grammar and language with a worldwide customer base offering superior and specialized reviewing services.
Is it genuine that which Cambridge Proofreading offer?
Yes, the company is legit, with more than ten years of working experience. It is a company that can be trusted.
How to cite Cambridge ProofEreading?
When referring to this company, you write it as the name goes, Cambridge proofreading and editing LLC.
Where is Cambridge Proofreading located?
Headquarter is located at 343 W Wolf Point Plaza Chicago, IL 60654.
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