Proof-Reading is an online proofreading platform created to meet the growing demand by businesses for competent professional editing. The company was formed based on the understanding that the business environment is highly competitive and mistakes in documents and social media postings can seriously damage the reputation of any brand.

Proof-Reading Service and Review 2022

Writing is the most effective way to communicate ideas and research. However, the quality of the written text is often diminished by typos and grammar mistakes. Errors can undermine the quality of your writing, which is why you need professional proofreading services to finetune your work.

Although many editing services are available online, not all provide quality and consistency, guaranteeing an impeccable customer experience. Our reviews aim to gather information on some of the most popular editing and proofreading websites. The information we offer supports competent decision-making and allows writers to avoid swindlers. So, before deciding on where to get editing assistance, read this Proof-Reading review.

Overview and Basic Information or Proof-Reading

Proof-Reading is an online proofreading platform created to meet the growing demand by businesses for competent professional editing. The company was formed based on the understanding that the business environment is highly competitive and mistakes in documents and social media postings can seriously damage the reputation of any brand. Therefore, the agency seeks to take on the burden of ensuring that all authors get the assistance they need to perfect their business copy.

Having been formed in 2005, Proof-Reading is one of the oldest players in the professional editing industry. The agency has close to two hundred professionals trained to ensure that clients’ ideas are clearly articulated in error-free text.

According to our review Proof-Reading, the company offers its services to all domestic and international businesses. The services offered include help manuscripts, email editing, website content, letters, and PowerPoint presentations. You can also get help improving your business plan on the website. So whatever business document you need to improve, Proof-Reading will likely have the right experts for the job.

Does Proof-Reading Have a Promo and Coupon Code?

One of the most attractive things about this agency is the Proof-Reading free coupon system. In addition, the company has a bulk discount offer, where customers get a price reduction of about 10% when they need editing assistance for documents exceeding 15 pages.

Proof-Reading also has a robust loyalty program that encourages repeat purchases and referrals. The company believes that extending automatic discounts and rewarding loyal clients can maintain its standing as one of the best editing platforms online.

The loyalty discount system is based on a tiered program, where executive clients who spend a minimum of $16,000 benefit from a 15% discount. Those who spend over $8,000 on the platform get a 10% discount on the associate loyalty program.

The elaborate nature of the Proof-Reading coupon code is unmatched in the entire industry. Once a client reaches the minimum expenditure, they obtain automatic discounts on repeat purchases. Even with the discount, all customers who visit the website can look forward to high-quality editing and proofreading.

What About the Quality of Proofreading and Editing Offered?

An essential component of our Proof-Reading reviews is the quality of work delivered by the service. Some people choose to save by editing their work, although the process can be hectic and is often less than accurate. By choosing to trust a professional to improve your draft, you recognize the benefits of engaging such specialists. As such, it makes sense to want total value for your money.

Our reviewers looked to feedback from previous clients and samples of work on the Proof-Reading website and were pleased with the quality delivered. The company is committed to making sure that its customers get excellent work and outstanding customer service. Some of the services you can look forward to on the website include:

  • Correction of punctuation mistakes;
  • Detection and amendment of verb tense and spelling errors;
  • Improvement of sentence structure;
  • Suggestions on how to improve document style and flow.

Other than the great Proof-Reading coupon, the company assures customers that it stands behind its editing team. The specialists have been trained to deliver on even the most urgent orders. In general, our reviewers were satisfied with the quality of work delivered by Proof-Reading regularly.

Competence of the Team of Professional Editors

Although the company was initially created to address the editing needs of businesses, Proof-Reading has expanded its service scope and now offers academic editing support to students. This has been made possible by its team of dedicated specialists hired through a meticulous vetting process.

Our reviews for Proof-Reading show that not just anyone is allowed to work on orders. In the end, the company has managed to assemble one of the most dependable teams of editors in the industry.

What Do Past Customers Say About the Service?

As part of our Proof-Reading proofreading reviews, we sought to understand what other customers say about their experiences from using the service. We researched client feedback on the page on different review websites and were impressed with what we found. Most of those who have used the Proof-Reading website leave positive reviews, indicating that they are satisfied with the level of professionalism experienced.

Most clients indicate that they are pleased with the free revision system, which allows them to ask for changes if the work is less than satisfactory. Customers can contact the support team within two weeks after the order is completed to ask for improvements.

Other benefits that you may realize as you work with the agency include:

  • On-time delivery on all projects;
  • Free checks for similarity using Turnitin and Copyscape;
  • Money-back guarantee;
  • Complete privacy and confidentiality as you order;
  • A simple and effective ordering procedure.

Availability of Alternative Payment Methods

One of the most important things we considered during our Proof-Reading reviews indeed was the availability of secure payment options. Top agencies understand that customers want the flexibility to submit payments without needing to move their money around. Clients also want assurances that their financial and personal data will be protected as they remit payments on the website.

You don’t need to worry about convenience or security. The company has partnered with some of the most reliable and secure online payment providers, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Google Pay. The goal is to make sure that you enjoy complete privacy and unmatched convenience when ordering editing support.

Prices and Additional Fees Charged on the Website

Another factor considered when assessing the credibility of the Proof-Reading website is affordability. Most people who wish to benefit from professional proofreading hesitate because of the potential cost implications. Of course, exceptional editing support is not always the cheapest.

One of the fantastic things about Proof-Reading is its combined quality and affordability, offering various price packages for clients to choose from. On the website, you will find that the cost of revising your document will be computed based on the total word count when the work is submitted. The duration you provide before the order is due will also impact the amount you eventually pay.

With the Proof-Reading promo, the company has become one of the most affordable editing platforms online. Note that the security of your payment details is taken very seriously on the platform. All customer information is protected using SSL encryption.

How Effective Is the Customer Support?

Top editing and proofreading services understand that adequate customer support is crucial for sustainable business growth. It allows them to distinguish their brands and obtain a competitive advantage over other brands offering similar services. This could be the reason Proof-Reading emphasizes the effectiveness of its customer support department.

The company has hired and trained a team of friendly representatives. They are always ready to offer assistance to customers and help with placing orders. So, whatever question you have regarding the services offered by the Proof-Reading company, don’t hesitate to contact the support department through live chat or email.

What Is the Experience of Working on the Website as an Editor?

Qualifying to work as an editor on the Proof-Reading website is not the easiest task. First, the candidate is required to submit a resume, with the academic qualifications being a master’s degree. Second, since the company has high standards of expectation, editors are expected to pass a series of editing tests, with the average score accepted being at least 95%.

While becoming an editor in the company is challenging, working for the website is entirely satisfactory. Editors get proper remuneration and support. The company also organizes training programs to allow editors to improve their skills and keep producing top-notch work. As long as an editor keeps delivering excellent work within the indicated deadlines, working for the platform should be a rewarding experience. Most importantly, customers get to benefit from a fantastic Proof-Reading promo code.

Jobs and Working: Editors’ Experiences

If you believe in your editing skills and would like to make some money online, you should consider working with Proof-Reading? However, you should note that the company is one of the most selective agencies when it comes to hiring writers.

To qualify as an editor, one needs at least a master’s degree and years of experience editing at the highest level. The vetting process entails a series of tests meant to judge competence and efficiency. If you qualify to work on the platform, you will enjoy a pleasant working environment and competitive remunerations.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Proof-Reading Service

Are you interested in working with the Proof-Reading service but have some concerns regarding what is on offer? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

  • What Is Proof-Reading?

Proof-Reading is an editing and proofreading company created in 2005 to meet the growing demand by business people and writers for professional support. The company offers affordable support to students, authors, and entrepreneurs by finetuning their documents and eliminating costly mistakes.

  • That Which Is Proof-Reading Services?

Anyone who writes text can benefit from the services offered by Proof-Reading. Students in need of assistance with formatting and citations can also use the service.

  • Where Is Proof-Reading Located?

Proof-Reading is primarily an online editing company, but it has offices in Santa Barbara, CA. The company has a responsive team of support agents that can answer all your questions about the service.

  • How Dependable Is the Proof-Reading Website?

Proof-Reading has one of the most straightforward and most impressive websites in the industry. Visitors to the page can quickly locate information about the agency and directions on how to place an order.

  • How to Cite Proof-Reading?

When you get editing assistance from this platform, you have complete ownership of the work. No one will need to know that specialists helped with your work.

  • How to Register on Proof-Reading

The good news is that customers don’t need to register on the Proof-Reading website to order editing assistance. However, signing up on the page helps you benefit from loyalty and bulk discounts. To register, fill out the form by giving out your name and contact information.

The Bottom Line: Is Proof-Reading Legit

Based on our reviews of Proof-Reading, we can confidently infer that this is a legit editing and proofreading service. Of course, the decision to get help with your writing should be based on your preferences and financial position. That said, for speedy and effective editing, this is one of the best agencies to consider.

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