Learn Why the New York Times Calls EssayEdge the «world’s premier essay editing service».

Here, we review EssayEdge on different aspects to know if you can rely on it for editing services. Bear in mind that many companies can offer what you want, but you must be sure which one allows you to achieve your objectives. This article will assist you in comprehending some concealed aspects of the service. Besides, it provides the pros and cons to simplify your choices.

Overview about EssayEdge Proofreading & Editing Review 2022

Any student or applicant will look for a reliable editing service unless they have a couple of dollars to waste. However, we believe that is not the case, and you need a trustworthy establishment to offer great value for your money. The problem is many companies are available online, but some are to be trusted. As a client, you need to explore different editing services to identify a reputable one. This is not always an easy job, given that some fraudulent companies hire experts to give skewed information. In addition, you can easily be lured with enticing words if you are not keen.

Many students fail to achieve their writing objectives because of trusting their work to fraudulent companies. For this reason, we are committed to delivering accurate EssayEdge review to assist you in making an informed choice.

Overview & Contacts

EssayEdge is a purely editing company focused on delivering quality services to assist applicants in providing engaging pieces. Unlike other establishments that combine writing and editing services, it also helps students review their academic work to warrant better scores. EssayEdge has clearly indicated on its website that it hires Ivy League graduates who comprehend what it takes to offer quality pieces. However, many critiques focus on its inability to compose essays until they forget that it provides phone sessions and essay brainstorming in their highest-level package. These are the packages for MBA applicants:

  • Proofreading- focuses on polishing essays to ensure they are flawless from grammar and spelling errors.
  • Standard- it provides what is offered in the proofreading package and includes constructive criticism to enhance the flow and structure of your composition. This happens to be the common option.
  • Premier package- this is the highest level that includes everything from the standard package. It further offers two over-the-phone sessions and one brainstorming with the copyreader.

It does not offer an on-site communication form. However, you can reach them through email at [email protected], chat system at, and telephone at (877) 338-7772.

EssayEdge Promo & Coupon Code

This establishment claims to give its clients discounts through the EssayEdge coupon code. It states that you can acquire its services and save money by looking at the available discounts. Plus, they constantly update their discounts that include promo codes, percentages, deals, and sign-up markdown. Therefore, you can be sure to save some amount of money when you use the available discounts.

Proofreading & Editing

These are the main activities of this company. It prides itself on providing premium services to native English speakers. They claim to have tailored their services to meet their client’s needs. This is a plus for the establishment because more than 20 years in service is enough proof. It has managed to stand the test of time for a considerable long period because of its reputation. This implies that EssayEdge is not a scam as other reviews propose; they are perhaps drafted by competitors trying to lure clients to their side. The efficient ordering process indicates that the EssayEdge is legit. Even with its extensive period on the market, many assessments confirm that the superiority of their elementary package is uncertain. Besides, the checking fee begins at $69 per six hundred words. This is unreasonable. It is pretty expensive for editing alone.

The focal concern among clients is to understand if the establishment is genuine. Well, a glimpse at the terms of services helps to ease your doubts. There is no duplication and revisions because it offers proofreading services. It only tries to make what you offer better. The reimbursement assurance is missing, but you can communicate to them to resolve the differences within three months of receiving your order. The problem is that EssayEdge reserves the right to form instructions, adapt, and issue the documents you provide.

When it comes to online reputation, do not trust all EssayEdge reviews because some are untrustworthy. There are no actual comments on Reddit. They only provide overall commendations to shun writing services. Facebook page has mixed reviews, but Trustpilot contains primarily positive feedback. From all these platforms, the grumble is about the same thing. Clients complain about their provisions being too elementary and costly.

The positive elements about this establishment are that:

  • You can pick your copyreader
  • The turnaround is 48 hrs, but you can still seek to get your order within 24 hrs.
  • The pricing options vary depending on the editing needs
  • More than twenty years of practice

These EssayEdge proofreading reviews help you make the right choice. Read extensively and consider reviews from trusted services. Competitors develop contradicting information to taint the company on some aspects. However, it is also essential to know the cons so that no one can lie to you. The issue with EssayEdge is that it is overpriced. $69 is expensive for editing six hundred words. Other companies offer premium writing and editing services at a lower price.

Another issue is that email and phone call communiqué with the copyreader is only open to premier services. Forget about communicating to an editor if you have not acquired premier services. This sidelines other clients who need professional support, and it does not guarantee quality services because you cannot follow up on your order. Also, you cannot trust the service to compose any document because it only offers editing support.

This means that only clients who can compose their documents rely on this service. This is not your place if you need a comprehensive piece from scratch.

Editors & Team

The company claims to have the best team with professional editors from Ivy League graduates. They know what it takes to deliver a premium piece and what students need to get a chance in the colleges of their choice. The team is small because it goes through a rigorous process to get experienced editors. They are selected from great academic backgrounds to provide superior services. They assist you in taking your work to another level through quality feedback because EssayEdge understands that they succeed when you achieve your objectives.

Here Is How It Works

EssayEdge has a straightforward process that allows clients to place their orders conveniently. It is divided into simple steps that any user can follow:

  1. Select the editing level

There are three levels, proofreading, standard, and premium, to serve the needs of different clients.

  1. Upload your file

This enables the service to quote your price depending on the words you deliver and the designated editing level.

  1. Choose add-ons (Optional)

This comes at an extra price. It allows you to select the rush order for proofreading and standard packages. It also permits the user to add a second critique to standard order and select your preferred editor.

  1. Make the payment

After you have made the necessary selections and your price calculated, the next step is to pay to have your piece edited. Again, you are assured of getting your work within the agreed duration.

The reviews help you to understand what it takes to have your piece edited. The review also enables you to compare different companies and get the ideal service for your editing needs.

EssayEdge Payment Methods

A good service should not confine users to particular payment options. This is true with EssayEdge. It has multiple options that suit different clients. It supports PayPal and credit/debit cards. However, these options do not make the company stand out from the rest. Other establishments provide more options to increase customer experience. Review EssayEdge properly if you want to rely on it for any of its packages. The good thing is that the fewer payment options are not a big deal. At least many people have AMEX, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard.

Prices & Extra Fees

EssayEdge employs a continuing pricing approach. For instance, you add $30 for every additional six hundred words to the first package price. Thus, if your order contains 2,400 words, you add $12 per one hundred words. Thus, the introductory price is $69 for the basic package, $149 for standard, and $379 for premier.

The company lures users with EssayEdge free coupon, but there are no free provisions. Everything here needs money. Those who apply a 24-hour rush order get an extra $59. This implies that if you select a proofreading package and call for a 24-hour rush order, you will have to pay $128 for a 600-word piece. If your package is standard, you will have to add 50% to the order’s fee. It is not easy to get an EssayEdge coupon that substantially reduces the amount to pay. EssayEdge provides 20% off only when you agree to get an email newsletter. These conditions are not ideal for most users. However, as we said, it is for you to decide because you know what you are looking for.

Customer Support

Everyone desires to be in touch with an establishment that offers 24/7 customer support. This increases convenience and allows clients to resolve their issues on time. While placing my order, I was not able to get assistance. I couldn’t find the team probably because it was on the weekend. From experience, EssayEdge is like other establishments that work from Monday to Friday from 9 am-5 pm. However, I appreciate their commitment to guarantee customer satisfaction, as provided by most reviews of EssayEdge.

Jobs & Working

EssayEdge hires professionals to meet the needs of its clients. The process is rigorous to ensure only the best are hired. You can always reach them for job offers. Those who work with the establishment are proud because it meets their needs as well. There is little about jobs as provided on EssayEdge reviews indeed. But the little we gathered is it hires experienced editors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reviews for EssayEdge present some of the questions that allow individuals to get a summary of the entire service. Many users rush to this section to know the basics about the establishments. The frequently asked questions include:

  1. What is EssayEdge?

It is an online editing service dedicated to perfecting multiple documents required during the admission process. The company offers only proofreading and editing services.

  1. That which EssayEdge offers, is it unique?

Uniqueness or plagiarism is not an issue here because the company does not offer writing services. It only reviews the files you provide to make them better.

  1. How to cite EssayEdge

Like any other service, you can mention it by its name-EssayEdge (as one word).

  1. Where is EssayEdge located

The company is located at Lawrence, 08648, United States.

  1. What is EssayEdge website

The website is

  1. How to register on EssayEdge

It is clearly outlined on the website. Follow these steps select:

  • Select service type
  • Type of editing services
  • Type of work
  • A university (optional)
  • Comment (optional)
  • Provide your information
  • Choose adds-on (optional)
  • Pick an editor (optional)

Our Verdict about EssayEdge

The purpose of composing this piece is to assist you in making the right decision. The extensive study from other review establishments indicates that one of the most significant issues is overpricing. The extra cost and inability to get the EssayEdge promo code are also discouraging. Otherwise, it is an exemplary service you can rely on for editing when you have extra dollars.

If you need support to compose a simple academic paper, you will be forced to get it elsewhere. However, if you study law, medicine, or complex domains, you will get excellent support to proofread your pieces. Trust the company with little expectation to get a markdown provided in the EssayEdge promo. It is not clear how you can get that. They promise, but there is no specific provision.

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