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Let AI scan your writing, score it and use recommendations to boost its quality.

Paper Rater it’s an online, web-based software that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze an essay fast and in real-time. Checking the document is also easy. It only requires the user to post the content or upload the document, and the tool will analyze it within minutes and give a report.

Paper Rater Review: Proofreading and Editing for 2023

For some students, writing an essay is easy. The hard part is polishing it and ensuring it is error-free in terms of plagiarism and grammar, and that’s where Paper Rater comes in. It’s an online, web-based software that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze an essay fast and in real-time. Checking the document is also easy. It only requires the user to post the content or upload the document, and the tool will analyze it within minutes and give a report. From the report, a student will be able to get:

  • The score of the paper
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Word choice
  • Style
  • Grade

From the analysis, a user only needs to click on the report to see the suggestions given. For example, there is a section for spelling that showcases all the errors found in the document. In the word choice section, they will highlight any usage of wrong phrases and even list the words you ought to replace to improve the quality of your writing.

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Numerous Paper Rater reviews from students talk about how helpful the software is, especially for someone who wants their paper proofread faster and thoroughly without paying a human editor.

There is a free option to use the tool. However, it’s only through the premium package that users access additional features. But the Paper Rater coupon code helps to slash the cost of the premium package.

Paper Rater is a unique editing and proofreading tool because it’s one of the few to utilize an artificial intelligence engine to give feedback which assists a student to become a better writer. This is in addition to checking grammar, punctuation, spelling, and plagiarism. But, despite the numerous benefits it has, is the tool perfect and worth it? Use this comprehensive Paper Rater review to help make an informed decision on whether or not the platform will meet your writing needs.

Overview & Contacts

While Paper Rater requires internet connectivity to function, it does a great job as a grammar and spelling checker. The automated cloud-based system utilizes both statistical models and machine learning to identify errors and bold them for easier identification.

This modern proofreader is accessible round the clock and gives real-time results without the need to sign up. The free version doesn’t require the user to log in, making it easier to use the tool and proofread your document faster. The tool will check:

  • Passive voice
  • Vocabulary usage
  • Sentence structure
  • Sentence variability
  • Grammar usage

Most reviews of Paper Rater talk about how great the tool is for proofreading free of charge. For example, when you submit an essay to be proofread apart from flagging grammatical flaws, the software will award a score that gives the student an estimate of what they should expect to get from their teacher. This feature is great because, in case of a low score, the student has a chance to improve the quality of their essay before submitting it.

Students looking for a professional or certified human editor will be disappointed by Paper Rater because it uses a computer algorithm to proofread the text. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t offer proofreading in languages other than English.

Another limitation is the free version, whereby you can’t check a long document exceeding five pages or get more than ten plagiarism checks per month. In addition, by opting for the free version, a client will get slower text processing and have to contend with ads. In case of any inquiries, clients can send emails to the support agents available on weekdays from 9 am to 5:30 pm EST.

Does Paper Rater Offer Promo & Coupon Codes

The company has a transparent pricing policy, and any discounts offered are posted on their website. However, there was no information on the Paper Rater promo code that could help lower the cost for the premium package. The Paper Rater free coupon can be applied during the payment method and gives 25% for a lifetime subscription.

Proofreading & Editing

As a proofreading tool, Paper Rater works as a grammar and spelling online checker. It scans any content copied and pasted or a document uploaded and showcases errors that make the quality low. By removing the highlighted mistakes, the quality improves, and the score gets better.

Since the user will have to correct the mistakes themselves, the tool acts more as a proofreader. Unlike a regular editor who works with a deadline, the Paper Rater algorithm is not time-constrained and analyzes documents in a few minutes.

While conducting this review Paper Rater, it was clear that spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, and syntax are analyzed in real-time. Results are also displayed within a few seconds. This type of proofreading is advantageous for both students and professionals who have written content but don’t want to hire an editor and wait for hours to check the writing.

Overall, the automated proofreading and the grammar check in one tool, and the speed at which the writing is analyzed make Paper Rater stand out and rank amongst the best.

Are Editors & Team Accessible?

Unlike editing services where editors are working to correct written work, Paper Rater has no team. Instead, it’s just an efficient modern machine that makes the proofreading process easier and faster. However, this web-based service is similar to hiring a professional editor in the following way:

  • Offer top-notch proofreading service that helps to make a student’s writing better
  • Deliver quality service on time
  • Well-designed website helps to make navigation easier
  • Payment covers services offered

The problem is that the software doesn’t catch all the errors as a human editor would. As a result, the checked text may still have mistakes that haven’t been highlighted. Also, it may mark a phrase as flawed when it’s not in some rare situations.

Therefore, even when you decide to use the platform as a proofreader, always give your document a final read to ensure the message being communicated is clear. And that the level of quality is at per with what is considered high as per the academic standards.

What Customers Say About the Platform

It’s hard to get Paper Rater reviews indeed because there are no editors that can be rated based on their job performance. However, customers that have checked their documents on the platform praise it for its speed and thorough proofreading. The site is also user-friendly and doesn’t require technical knowledge know how to check the content.

Numerous reviews for Paper Rater shine a light on the excellent work the tool does, with others going as far as recommending it for academicians and researchers. The overall experience for most people is excellent, especially since it helps a student become a better writer.

The few disadvantages that have been highlighted focus on the limited features of the free version. Clicking the advance check option directs the user to other sites, which can be misleading.

Safe Payment Methods

The payment methods are for users who want premium membership charged annually or monthly. You first have to sign up or create an account using your email and password to be charged. Next, select the plan you want and choose a convenient method to pay for it. They accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay, and Discover.

Prices & Extra Fees

Users access the tool for free, but it has limitations. The free version only checks a maximum of 5 pages, and for plagiarism checks, a student can use it only ten times. The only three common things that both free and premium packages get are:

  1. Automated scoring
  2. Grammar and spelling check
  3. Writing suggestion

The subscription for the premium package is monthly or yearly. The annual cost for using the tool is $95.40. However, with a Paper Rater coupon, the user will pay a lower annual or monthly price. After paying for the software, the benefits that you will enjoy:

  • Ad-free features
  • Enhanced plagiarism check
  • Faster processing
  • The ability to upload a document in any format

Paying for the software also allows you to check longer documents and get more plagiarism checks. Overall, you stand to improve your writing more if you utilize the premium features.

If the package is too expensive for you, Paper Rater promo and discounts will assist in lowering the cost. Besides, first-time and loyal customers often get discounts, so purchasing a subscription for sale is an ideal option for students with a tight budget.

Fast Responses From Customer Support

Despite not having a team of editors, Paper Rater has set up their support agents to be accessible during working hours. The responses are from professional’s customer support who work from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm.

Paper Rater proofreading reviews show that emails are answered quickly, even though there is no phone number or online chat, and the answers or solutions are accurate. In addition, most customers expressed how fast their emails were answered and got satisfactory answers. The web-based proofreading service also has a FAQ section to help users know more about the company and what it offers.

Jobs & Working

Since it’s a web-based service, no team of employees or editors have given reviews about the working conditions. This is mainly because the interface is self-explanatory. A customer only needs to paste the written text and click analyze. However, to help provide an in-depth analysis, the education level and type of paper have to be specified.

The education level range from 1st grade to doctorate level meaning the tool is designed to cater to students at all academic levels. The plagiarism scan is optional, but the user must specify whether it should be done fastest or slower if chosen.

Plagiarism detection is a great option for students to avoid repercussions, which includes getting a low grade. The tool will conduct a thorough search on the internet and list all web pages with matching text. It will also highlight matching words and phrases.

The score is also given, whereby a low originality percentage indicates the paper is highly plagiarized. In such a case, the student will have a chance to add proper citations and rewrite the text to help make the paper unique.

What is Paper Rater?
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What is Paper Rater?
It's an automated proofreader that also functions as a plagiarism checker.
How does Paper Rater work?
It uses artificial intelligence to detect flaws, point them out and offer suggestions to help improve your writing.
How to cite Paper Rater?
When you want to cite Paper Rater, you have to cite it as a website per your professor's reference style.
Where is Paper Rater Located?
It's accessible online for free and at a premium price for users who want to utilize additional unique features.
What is Paper Rater website?
It's a free proofreading site that provides similar services to those for an editor.
How to register on Paper Rater?
You don't need to register to use the free version. But to pay and access additional features, you have to use your email to register.