EssayEditor is one of the online services that stand out for proofreading and editing, attracting hundreds of customers every day. But before you work with them, check out this comprehensive EssayEditor review to know what exactly the company is about and the service it delivers.

EssayEditor: Proofreading & Editing

The internet is awash with companies that help students with various academic tasks. From essay tips and rewriting to proofreading and editing, there’s an online service for the job. EssayEditor is one of the online services that stand out for proofreading and editing, attracting hundreds of customers every day. But before you work with them, check out this comprehensive EssayEditor review to know what exactly the company is about and the service it delivers.

Why Should You Trust Our Service Review 2022?

There are undoubtedly tons of EssayEditor reviews on the internet, but can you trust them all? Not quite, and for several reasons. First, you can never attest to the credibility of the person providing the review. Second, since many such services compete for the same customers, it’s easy to come across negative reviews created for the sole purpose of discrediting a competitor. Last but not least, some reviews are done hastily, making the evaluations not as reliable for gauging a company’s services. That said, this review is as reliable as it gets since we are an independent review team. We have no interest in EssayEditor, which means our reviews are objective. This review’s sole and most important purpose is to offer you insights into the company to help you know what makes it worth trying.

Here Is a Brief Overview of EssayEditor & Its Contact Details

Before working with any service, you want to know what it’s all about. EssayEditor is a popular academic help service that caters to students from all over the US. It specializes in proofreading and editing services, which essentially means that this is the company you want to enhance your compositions’ quality. Who are behind it? EssayEditor comprises a team of dedicated editors who are always ready to take up on your task. Do you think your essay is too technical or complex? Do you have a burning deadline? Don’t worry. EssayEditor’s experts are always up to the challenge. Before writing this review, we asked them to proofread and edit some technical school papers for us on tight deadlines, and the results were terrific. Are you worried if you’ll find someone to review your work deep in the night? We can confirm in this review that this platform always has someone to edit your work no matter the time of day. Our team made several orders at night over months, and we were always matched with an editor on all occasions. On a side note, the official company website is Essayeditor.net.

How can you contact EssayEditor? Another thing we considered for this review is accessibility. We discovered that you could contact EssayEditor via many channels, making it convenient for users to contact the company with a readily available method. You can get in touch with the platform via:

  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Email.
  • Phone call.

Is There a Promo & Coupon Code?

As a student, money is tight, meaning you need to be very cautious with how and what you spend it on. This company seems to understand this well, and that’s why it offers the EssayEditor promo code to users. After registering on the service, you’ll get emails from time to time with various alphanumeric characters. These are your EssayEditor promo details. The platform runs regular discount programs, and these codes allow you to enjoy up to 15% off on your orders. We received various promo codes from the company that saw us enjoy significant cost savings, particularly great for students. How do you use your promo code? After making your order, the next step is to submit your payment. During this phase, you’ll see a blank tab with a prompt to insert your code. Once you do that, you’ll get a certain percentage off the final price instantly. Another thing to bring to your attention regarding codes is the EssayEditor coupon that you access upon signing up on the service. Like the regular promo codes, this one also allows you to receive a discount on the final price of your first review order.

Our Take on Proofreading & Editing Services? Excellent, Simply Flawless!

When you hire someone to proofread and edit your essay, the last thing you want is a low-quality job. After all, the point of proofreading and editing is to enhance the quality of work, not undermine it. That said, we can confirm in this review that EssayEditor sure does an excellent job. Besides the typical checks for grammar, punctuation, and misspellings, the editors enhance the structure of your work. It means shortening some sentences, using synonyms where some words are repeated, and improving the clarity of your writing. The great job they do is undoubtedly why many EssayEditor proofreading reviews are positive.

Editors & Team

From the start, we knew that our review wouldn’t be complete without telling you about the editors on this platform and other people behind it. So, first, we sought to unravel some of the faces behind the proofreading and editing department. On that note, here are some of the members of the EssayEditor’s editing team as seen on their website:

  • Daniel Miller
  • Samanta Johnson
  • Amanda Williams
  • John Braun

Ask anyone you know to review EssayEditor, and you’ll learn that they were probably served by one of these great editors. Of course, these are not the only members of the editing team. Essayeditor claims to have more. We didn’t seek to know who did most of our editing, but one thing remains—whoever it was, did a commendable job. As for the other people on the service, check out our review of the customer service below.

What Do Customers Say About the Services? Many Are Satisfied!

An EssayEditor free coupon is sure to make you happy since you’ll save on the final price, but a good proofreading and editing job is what you want ultimately. If you have any doubts about the quality Essayeditor can deliver, checking what its other customers say can help settle your mind. But since we’ve already done that, hear us out. We checked customer feedback and testimonials regarding the platform over the months and can tell you that most clients were happy with the services they received. They praised many aspects of Essayeditor, with quality of work, quick delivery, and affordable prices taking most credit.

EssayEditor Offers an Array of Convenient Payment Methods

Another thing that contributed to our 100% satisfaction with Essayeditor is the convenience of its payment methods. The people behind it very well seem to understand the plight of students, especially when they have to make payments via unavailable options. For this reason, the service has partnered with popular and reliable payment processing companies to make the process as smooth as possible. Besides, their finance team is always available and ready to help with anything payment-related. And not to forget, we are not the only ones happy with this company’s convenient payment channels. Many reviews for EssayEditor bear praise for it too.

Prices & Extra Fees

What attests to a company’s legitimacy more than a transparent pricing structure? EssayEditor has one of the most honest and comprehensive pricing structures. In this review, we can tell you that Essayeditor lays out the fees for its different offerings—proofreading only, editing only, and the proofreading and editing combo—on its website. The best part? While the prices are already affordable, you can save even more by using your EssayEditor coupon code.

What About Customer Support? On Point!

Fast, friendly, and detailed responses— these four words pretty much give away our review of EssayEditor’s customer support team. We interacted with them on several occasions as we sought help with the ordering process, payment, and availability inquiries. Each member of our team reported that they received the best service from the customer representatives on this platform. And it seems that we aren’t the only ones who appreciate this. Many reviews of EssayEditor reveal that other customers are happy with the company’s support team. So, if you have a concern or two, be sure to contact their support team for timely and effective resolution.

Jobs & Working

EssayEditor sure does a good job, and that’s why it receives hundreds of orders per day. So, should you be worried if they’ll manage yours as well? Not at all. The company works with a vast network of top-rated, well-reviewed editors, meaning you’ll always be connected to someone. When we worked with the company, we were always matched with an editor almost instantly. What days does the platform work? EssayEditor works round the year, through the holidays and weekends. If this has you worried about their employees, relax. As seen on EssayEditor reviews indeed, they are satisfied with their work conditions, meaning there must be some productivity and lifestyle measures in place.


You undoubtedly have many questions about this proofreading and editing company. We’ve handpicked the most common ones from customers and responded to them below. Check them out to learn a thing or two.

  • What Is Essayeditor?

Is a leading proofreading and editing platform that helps students all over the US to improve the quality of their writings. It has a network of well-reviewed and top-rated proofreaders and editors working round the clock.

  • Is EssayEditor Good at What It Does?

Our review team can categorically conclude that is a proofreading and editing company that delivers. Moreover, the company’s services are value for money.

  • How to Cite Essayeditor

Students are free to cite Essayeditor whenever the opportunity arises. Just be sure to follow the specifications of the formatting style your professor stipulates.

  • Where Is Essayeditor Located

This platform is based in the US and draws all the members of its proofreading and editing team from native English destinations. These include Australia, the US, the UK, and Canada.

  • What Is Essayeditor Website

The EssayEditor website is a one-stop spot for all of your proofreading and editing needs. You can find someone to edit your writing no matter its complexity or urgency. The official company website is Essayeditor.net.

  • How to Register on Essayeditor

Registering on this website is pretty straightforward. You only need to provide your email and phone number to sign up. Once you do that, the team will set up an account for you and then send your details to your email. You can then proceed to change the login info and the account name.


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