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Although there are hundreds of services promising to proofread papers online, not all are legit. You need to avoid the unpleasant experience of trusting a quack with revising your document. This is why we have organized this informative Editage review. The analysis looks at one of the most popular editing platforms to help writers make informed decisions. Read on as you think about who to trust with improving your text.

Overview and Basic Information About Editage

Editage markets itself as one of the most reliable editing and proofreading platforms online, having been in the industry since 2002. Although the company offers most of its services online, it has offices in seven different countries.

The company is one of the most successful editing platforms online, claiming to have offered support to hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Most people who have used the service leave positive reviews, suggesting a high satisfaction rate among past clients.

With 19 years of experience in the editing industry, Editage is a top player. The company hires competent professionals to help with proofreading and has one of the most straightforward ordering processes online. Customers get help with a wide range of articles, and there are no hidden charges.

Does Editage Have a Promo and Coupon Code?

One of the best things about the service under review is its Editage coupon code. The company understands that some customers are unable to pay high rates for premium editing support. So discounts and promo codes are created to make competent help affordable without compromising on quality.

When companies like Editage use promotional codes and coupons, they are offering customers incentives to order. In the end, both the client and the agency benefit. The firm gets more sales and better customer loyalty, while clients get the editing support they need at lower prices.

Customers visiting the Editage website can benefit from discounts of as much as 15% of the total cost of their orders. This makes it easy to get quality editing support from some of the most talented professionals in the industry.

Range of Proofreading and Editing Services Provided

One thing that makes Editage a standout platform for editing is its commitment to quality. The agency promises students exceptional proofreading support delivered consistently on time. Going by the positive reviews from writers who have used the platform, there is reason to believe that the company delivers on this promise.

As one of the oldest players in the professional editing industry, Editage has accumulated considerable experience and perfected its recruitment processes. The company double checks each document before sending it to the client. In the end, customers benefit from consistent quality delivered by competent professionals. Talk to the support team to learn more about the Editage promo code.

When we placed an order for custom editing on the platform, the outcome was impeccable. We also loved that our order came with free similarity checks, which means that the company values the authenticity of the documents it produces.

Another thing that our reviewers discovered about Editage is that the agency offers assistance in various areas. The editing and proofreading help covers authors in the business, school, or those who wish to get published. Some services you can expect from the company include:

  • Professional academic proofreading and editing;
  • Assistance revising business documents;
  • Promotion of academic material;
  • Help getting material published.

However, it should be noted that being a strictly proofreading and editing platform, Editage does not offer custom academic writing help. This means that you are unlikely to get someone on the platform to do your school homework for you here. So, if you are struggling with a complicated dissertation and need an expert to help with the research and writing, you may need to source assistance elsewhere.

Competence of the Team of Editors

A crucial component of our Editage reviews is determining whether the company has the required professionals to deliver impeccable service consistently. On the website, the agency claims to have a team of close to two thousand professional proofreaders and editors working on tasks. If this claim is valid, the Editage may have one of the largest teams of professional editors online.

With the massive number of carefully vetted professionals working on the Editage website, likely, there will always be someone available to work on your task. Also, going by the numerous positive feedbacks from previous customers, it seems that Editage has managed to perfect the delicate act of customer satisfaction.

Having been in the industry for close to nineteen years, Editage has created one of the most rigorous recruitment procedures. Not just anyone claiming to be a proofreader is allowed to work on tasks. To qualify as an editor on the site, you will need proof of at least a master’s degree.

Candidates are also required to pass a series of tests meant to prove their experience and credentials. In the end, visitors to the site receive work from seasoned professionals. They also benefit from the famed Editage promo.

Our team of reviewers was also impressed by the simplicity of the ordering process on the Editage website. The simple page design allows customers to find the information they need to place orders quickly. Also, anyone going through the site can easily use the price chart to approximate the eventual cost of getting a paper edited by the specialists. To get the assistance you need for your task, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Create an account on the sign-up page and use it to log in to the site;
  • Upload the document you want to be edited and provide your instructions;
  • Get help choosing a talented professional and service option;
  • Relax and wait as the editor finetunes your document.

What Do Previous Customers Say About the Service?

Based on our Editage reviews indeed, most people who have used the platform seem pleased with the work they get from the editors—a considerable percentage of positive testimonials and reviews from past company clients indicating a high customer satisfaction rate. In addition, most customers are impressed with the closely supervised process that ensures error-free work.

One thing that you are likely to love about Editage is the free revision offer. Although it has some of the best editors in the industry, the company understands that even professionals can make mistakes. As such, it allows customers who want adjustments made to their work to ask for revisions without extra payment.

Another attribute of the Editage site that most customers love is absolute privacy. The company has thrived for close to two decades because of its commitment to customer satisfaction and safety. There are measures to ensure that no one gets to access the private information you share on the site, including SSL data encryption.

There is also a guarantee that orders made on the website arrive on time. When most writers look for editing support, they have already spent days or hours researching and writing their drafts. At this point, the projects are almost due, and quick revision is crucial. There is also the tremendous Editage coupon.

Are There Alternative Payment Methods?

Top online companies understand that online payment challenges can be addressed by providing various payment options to choose from. This speeds up the purchasing process and offers convenience to customers, and reduces cases of cart abandonment. Today, different social, financial, and convenience factors contribute to people’s payment preferences.

Based on our reviews for Editage, the agency understands the need for multiple payment options and ensures that customers don’t need to struggle with hefty conversion charges. There are no hiccups on the platform when it comes to paying for editing support.

Clients can pay through their local currency and their preferred mode of payment. In addition, the company has partnered with secure platforms like Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal to guarantee unmatched convenience. Most importantly, there are no hidden charges when you order on the platform.

Prices and Extra Fees Charged

Another essential element of our Editage proofreading reviews is pricing. Most people prioritize cost when choosing where to order custom editing support. However, while finances matter, it is unwise to pick the cheapest order you meet online. This is because most swindlers use ridiculously cheap offers to lure unsuspecting clients into paying for dubious work.

That said, you don’t need to pay exorbitant rates for quality editing support. Top companies like Editage have found ways to structure their pricing formulas, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. For example, Editage has a tiered pricing plan depending on the editing service level one chooses. In other words, expect the cost of revising your paper to be determined by the word count range of your text, the level of editing expected, and the turnaround time.

In general, Editage charges relatively lower rates than its competitors. The cheapest plan goes for about $0.051 per word, with an additional fee charged for those who want plagiarism checks with their orders. Typically, the company offers discounts on large orders and allows repeat customers to benefit from loyalty bonuses. To benefit from the Editage free coupon, you need first to place an order.

Responsiveness of the Customer Support

Top companies prioritize customer experience in their service delivery. Editage understands this and has hired a friendly team of support agents to help customers. Although the website is simple and the ordering process straightforward, customers may still have questions.

Based on our review Editage, the company has responsive agents working around the clock to ensure that customers get the help they need when ordering. In addition, they can clarify issues on pricing and ensure that emerging issues are addressed as early as possible.

Jobs and Working: Feedback from Editors

Would you like to test your skills and make money by working with one of the best agencies online? Note that Editage is one of the most selective editing platforms when it comes to selecting professionals. The company chooses only the most competent professionals through strict tests and vetting.

Editage only hires native English speakers with considerable experience in the industry, which shows the quality of the work delivered. If you qualify to work on the platforms, you will enjoy a pleasant working environment and competitive remunerations. However, you need to be among the best in the industry to qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions About Editage

Are you considering editing assistance from Editage but are unsure about the nature of services offered? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

What Is Editage?

Editage is a famous editing and proofreading platform that has been in the industry since 2002. The company revises documents for students, businesses, and authors.

What Services Does Editage Provide?

Editage offers proofreading and editing services to authors working on all kinds of documents. Tasks covered include proofreading business documents, SEO alignment, editing academic projects, and preparing manuscripts for publication.

Does Editage Deliver on Time?

If you trust someone to revise your assignment or manuscript, you must ensure that they will deliver on time. Most people who have worked with Editage give it a big thumbs up regarding on-time delivery.

Where Is Editage Located

Although Editage delivers most of its services online, the company has offices in seven different countries. With offices in Tokyo, London, Seoul, Beijing, Singapore, Mumbai, Princeton, and Shanghai, the company is an established global presence.

What Is Editage Website

If you are interested in getting editing support from Editage, you can find all the information you need on the company website — https://www.editage.com/.

How Does One Register?

Signing up on the site is easy, and you only need to provide your name and contact details. There is a customer support department ready to help with ordering.

Bottomline: Is Editage Legit?

Editing is the part of writing that makes texts shine. The process involves combing through a document to check for mistakes and ensure logical flow. Based on our reviews of Editage, the company is completely legit and can offer the help you need to create exceptional papers.


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