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Suppose you write a lot, whether as a student, professional, or business person, you probably spend a good chunk of your time going through your work. As a result, proofreading has always been a critical part of writing. And, if you don’t do a good job at it, consequences can be dire – from losing marks to miscommunication. Now, usually, the best way to ensure that your writing is always top-notch is to use a reliable proofreading and editing tool or service. In this review, we’ll be looking at one of the most popular proofreading and editing services in the market – eAngel. So get settled in as this eAngel review takes you through each aspect of the service.

eAngel Overview & Contacts

eAngel is an online company that started in 2012. Its core business is providing proofreading and editing services for emails, whether professional or personal. However, the service has since expanded its offerings and covers other texts like articles, presentations, web pages, Google Docs, and documents of all kinds. The service is available in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, and Hebrew.

Now, the procedure for using the eAngel proofreading and editing service depends on what kind of text you want to edit. But the website design, which has a drop-down menu titled ‘info’ at the top, makes it pretty easy to find the precise service you want. For emails on Gmail, you can download the browser extension. This way, you draft your email as usual, but instead of sending it directly to your recipient, you send it to eAngel for proofreading and editing first. The service also has an add-on you can install on your PC for editing Google Docs files. For texts available in Word documents, you can upload the text on the eAngel website to get it edited and proofread.

As for the ways you can contact eAngel, the company currently offers email contact. You’ll, of course, need to be on the website to initiate contact. However, the contact form, which is easy to spot on the homepage, allows you to send a direct message to the company with just your name and email address.

How Are the Proofreading & Editing Services Like?

eAngel’s job, as clearly stated on their website, is to correct punctuation, spelling, grammar, or misused words. So, their work isn’t changing the meaning or integrity of your writing. Though the service is available in other languages apart from English, it also doesn’t translate texts from one language to another.

That said, what stands out most about eAngel is that they don’t use software to check your text. As you know, while software can correct most basic grammar mistakes, it falls short in understanding the context of the text during the editing process. So, software can’t differentiate between a professional and personal email – it will edit both in the same way. eAngel proofreading and editing tasks are done by human experts. That means they will edit whatever text you send to them based on the context of the writing.

To review eAngel, we tested them out with a couple of emails and essays. And, we can say that they do a pretty good job of improving your writing. What’s more impressive is how they can pick up on mistakes you don’t see yourself. We submitted above-average texts for review, and their editing was quite advanced.

So, the proofreading and editing help that eAngel offers isn’t just for people with basic language skills. It is actually beneficial for pretty good writers, too, and can help you detect mistakes you didn’t even know you were making in your writing.

eAngel’s Editing Team

The editors are the brains behind any editing service. So, their skills are what makes a company good or bad. eAngel’s editors, who the service calls angels, are language experts in the language they specialize in. That means, if you’re writing in, say, French, you just need to select your language, and your text is automatically sent to a French language expert. eAngel does keep its word on this if the high-quality editing job is anything to go by. Having tried more than one editor from the team, we could tell that the editors are skilled in language and have ample experience in the job.

eAngel’s team’s turnaround is also surprisingly fast. We got our texts edited in record time, despite having submitted multiple texts for proofreading simultaneously. From this, you can tell that the company has an expansive editing team, which is why they always have an editor in whatever language you pick at hand. So, there are really no delays that you would otherwise expect from a company that uses human editors.

eAngel Prices & Other Fees

eAngel is, of course, a paid service. But unlike most companies we’ve encountered with rigid pricing packages, eAngel’s pricing is more accommodating to individual needs.

  • The basic plan: $5/month, gives you 1622 angel units. With this subscription, you can review 1622 words or get 757 characters corrected.
  • The advanced plan: $14/month and gives you 4895 angel units, which is about 4895 reviewed words or 2194 corrections.
  • The pro plan: $34/month gives you 12877 angel units, which equals 12877 reviewed words or 5519 corrections.

So, why do we say these pricing plans accommodate one’s custom needs? You actually pay for corrections made. So, if you have good writing skills and only need minor improvements, you’ll spend less money than someone who needs comprehensive proofreading and editing help. Once you’ve understood how the fees work, there are no hidden charges you need to worry about. And, if you hit your limit, you can just upgrade your plan. eAngel also allows you to unsubscribe from your plan at any time, which means that you don’t have to keep paying for the service if you don’t want it anymore.

Does eAngel Have a Promo & Coupon Code?

There’s currently no eAngel coupon code, and neither did we get an eAngel promo code when we tested out the service. However, the service does offer something better and more permanent. eAngel promo is in the form of a free trial. That’s right; you can get up to 5 texts – not exceeding 300 words – proofread and edited for free.

The free plan is a much better way to try out the service than if they’d offered an eAngel coupon because you don’t have to commit to the service financially until you’re sure that you like their work. Still, the paid plans are pretty discounted if you compare them with what other services charge.

eAngel’s Accepted Payment Methods

There’s more than one way to pay from proofreading services on eAngel. You can pay online via PayPal. Or, you can pay from your bank using your credit card, debit card, or wire transfer. The service accepts payments in multiple popular methods, making it quite convenient and affordable, as you can choose whatever works for you.

eAngel Reviews: What Are Customers Saying About eAngel?

When it comes to customer sentiments, we don’t just go with the reviews posted by the service. We investigate further by checking third-party review sites. eAngel has maintained a high customer satisfaction rate across many review platforms, including G2, Trustpilot, and Crozdesk. Most eAngel proofreading reviews are five stars, which tells a lot about the quality of the service. What’s common in most customer reviews we’ve checked is the ease of use, and the high accuracy of the service provides. eAngel reviews indeed convince you, if at all you have any lingering doubts.

The Reliability and Accessibility of the Customer Support

You might also wonder how easy or accessible customer support is if you need to reach out to them about an issue. You can reach eAngel’s main customer support through a contact form on their website. While this arrangement may seem restrictive at first, the service responds to queries pretty quickly. Being a 24-hour service, you have to wait for business hours to get a hold of a support agent for assistance. And, the good thing is that there’s a direct support link to the site for eAngel add-ons and extensions on marketplaces like Google Workspace Marketplace. Aside from the pleasant experience we had with the service, other customers also have a good impression of the support, with many positive reviews for eAngel customer care department.

eAngel’s Jobs & Working Process

As we already mentioned, eAngel currently handles all kinds of proofreading and editing jobs, both personal and professional. The service works as an intermediary, checking your texts before they go out to the intended recipient. In the case of emails, you draft your email as usual. But instead of clicking send, you click ‘send with eAngel,’ The service immediately checks your email body, correcting any mistakes, and sends the email to the recipient. You then receive a confirmation plus the changes made.


What is eAngel?

eAngel is an online proofreading and editing service that you can use to improve your emails, articles, documents, and other kinds of writing. The service uses human language experts in eight different languages, including English.

What is it that eAngel Does?

eAngel basically corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation, word misplacement, and other writing issues that compromise the quality of your work. Thus, the service improves rather than changes the meaning of your writing.

How to Cite eAngel?

eAngel does not do essay citations. However, the service does help you improve grammar in every part of your paper, including the citations page.

Where is eAngel Located?

eAngel proofreading and editing service operates entirely online, which means that it doesn’t have a physical office anywhere in the world. It also means that you can access it from anywhere around the globe.

What is eAngel Website?

The eAngel website is a platform where you can get proofreading and editing help for any text. You can edit your work directly on the site by pasting or typing your work there or downloading the service as an extension or plugin for Gmail, Google Docs, Outlook, and so on.

How to Register on eAngel?

eAngel registration is pretty simple. You need to:

  • Choose a plan you want to subscribe to (you can start with the free trial);
  • Type in your email address to set up an account;
  • Confirm your account through your email;
  • Upgrade to the paid plan by choosing a payment method.

Verdict: Should You Subscribe to eAngel?

Looking at the key aspects that make up a good editing service: accuracy/ quality of work, fast turnaround, and reliability, we would say eAngel is definitely worth recommending. The positive customer reviews of eAngel are a plus and cement all the other good qualities. The free trial is your eAngel free coupon to try the service and see the difference yourself.

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